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I am back with some more style tips but not just any old style tips but prom style tips. When I went to my prom accessories were key, from the dazzling clutch to the breathtaking corsage. The first thing you want to do is find your dress and what style you prefer.

 Oh lookey here… I know of a place! Faviana  will get you right!!! They have an array of styles from boho, glamour, chic and many more. It’s important to choose a style that best fits you. I personally love chic/ glamour, a classic black dress with a bold red lip and  long black gloves. Can’t forget the pearls! A friend of mine has a bohemian style look and another a rocker chic look. Do you! 

Today we are going to look at Faviana Style 7923 located on Faviana’s to view prom dresses

Faviana 7923- Cold Blue long chiffon deep v-neck with full skirt. Very whimsical yet bohemian! 

A gorgeous bohemian chic style. 

I absolutely love the full skirt. This reminds me of a sundress but an upscale almost next level sundress. A perfect boho style for a girl who wants her accessories to be the center of attention or a girl who isn’t a fan of mermaid style/ ball gowns dresses. The gown comes in cloud blue, ivory, navy and pink bliss. Style 7923 comes in size 0-16. 

Style 7923 would look fantastic with a frosted blossoms choker at Charming Charlie’s. The choker has a very nice bling to it and would complement the cold blue color very well. 

Chokers are so in style that people are starting to wear them with evening gowns and to red carpet events. Just look at Zendaya at the Nickelodeon Awards. Chokers are definitely becoming an essential accessory. 

Flowers crowns are the perfect accessory for this gown. If you have a favorite flower it would be great to incorporate that flower. 

I love the additional colors within the flower crown also.  This specific flower crown would give the gown a pop of color. 

Curls, curls and more curls. The flower crown would look smashing with this Solange inspired hairstyle. If you want to rock your natural curls, go ahead 👏🏽 I love the length and depth of the curls and adding the flower crown… superb!!! 

I have seen some post about prom hair on social media. You can literally do almost anything with your hair for prom. I had my hair in a natural bun which elongated my face. Elegant and beautiful!

If you want more ideas for prom hairstyles look on Pinterest (here). 

As we make our last finishing touches. “Celebrate Yourself” bracelet would be the last accessory for Style 7923. This would be a reminder during your special evening and so on to celebrate yourself. This is important as well as celebrating others. You can also incorporate additional bracelets. 

Well, hopefully you loved this styling post. I absolutely love styling! Be on the look out for additional prom styling posts. 

#BeYou #BeBeautiful #BeBlessed 

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