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Are you tempted by fast food, candy, chips, ice cream runs and overall unhealthy snacking? Have no fear; I am here to show you great healthy alternatives for summer 2017 snacking. Quick, simple and delicious! There is no need to put on unwanted pounds over the summer. Put down the potato chips and follow me!

Homemade Snack Box

Inside this snack box contains cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, carrots, celery, peppers, snap peas, hummus, deli organic turkey, and a boiled egg. The homemade snack box is nutritious; the veggies help to fill you up in the replacement of carbohydrates. This snack box is great for on the go. I pack this box when running errands, after the gym, and for work. It’s a great pick me up!Joy071517

Skinny Popcorn and Terra

Skinny Popcorn is non gmo, gluten free, guilt-free, 43 calories per cup and tasty. It’s the perfect alternative for the salty and buttery movie theater popcorn (everyone’s favorite). This popcorn comes in lots of flavors like, original, aged white cheddar, pepper jack, sea salt & pepper, white cheddar, naturally sweet, jalapeno, and dusted chocolate. My favorite is the white cheddar!!

Terra real vegetable chips are very unique. It’s a mixture of parsnip, taro, sweet potato, and batata. When I’m craving chips, I normally go for these. Terra is low in carbohydrates and sodium compared to regular chips. They come in tropical, taro, Mediterranean, heritage blend, exotic potato, and exotic harvest.


Whole Foods hot bar

At Whole Foods, I love going through there hot bar. Sometimes I forget to pack my homemade snack box, so their mini boxes hit the spot. The food is hot, healthy, and ready to eat. Plus, they always offer a variety of foods. In my box, I have a buffalo grilled chicken, steamed kale, garlic mushrooms, squash with onions, and purple cabbage. A must try!

Frozen non-diary Yogurt

Who doesn’t love frozen yogurt? Sweet Frog has great frozen yogurt but even better non-dairy frozen yogurt. I’m lactose intolerant (yes, I’m that kid) but when places cater to my needs, it’s a great feeling. I enjoy their mango non-dairy frozen yogurt with blueberries, strawberries and kiwi. Tasty!



Ghirardelli Chocolate Intense Dark and Twilight Delight t are lower in sugar because it’s 86% and 72% cacao (the real deal chocolate).  I eat one or two squares and my chocolate cravings are no longer present.

Which healthy snack would you try? Comment below!

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