Hey bloggers,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!

It’s the holiday season and I am definitely in the Christmas spirit. *insert cliché Christmas lyrics*

Traveling during the holidays is one of favorite things to do. Capturing  every moment through pictures is a plus! 

Of course outfit details are included 🤗 ….

Lets get started!

📸 📷 THthePhotographer 

Disney Springs is a lively park filled will great dining, shops and fabulous entertainment. Walking through this huge park filled with Christmas decorations, I was able to grab a great burger at D-Luxe Burger, a sweet treat from Sprinkles, and even a picture with the coolest polar bear ever at Coco-Cola. Disney Springs is for all ages, this is why I love Disney!! They know how to cater to the whole family. I literally felt like a big kid. The luxury shops were amazing too!

📷 shalom_joy
📷 THthePhotographer

Old Navy – Top 

American Eagle– Jeans

Converse– Shoes

Forever 21– Sunglasses

A New Day – Beret

Personality Pictures 
The Holy Land Experience is where the Bible comes alive! Holy Land Experience made me feel like I was actually in the Holy Land. When you step foot into the Holy Land you automatically experience the authentic customs of the biblical times, the songs, the wardrobe and the amazing architecture. My favorite part are the live shows, the storyline and the singing is fantastic! Beautiful scenery, amazing biblical stories, and friendly people are the reasons why we keep coming back! 

📷 shalom_joy
📷 shalom_joy
📷 shalom_joy

📷 shalom_joy

📷 shalom_joy

Old Navy– Pants

Nine West– Boots 

Old Navy– Vest 

📷 THthePhotographer
📷 THthPhotographer

📷 THthePhotographer


📷 THthePhotographer

I had a blast in Florida, until my next adventure! 

#BeYou #BeBlessed #BeBeautiful 

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