Summer is a very inspiring time to try new colors, prints and patterns. While attending One Strong and Imperfect Brunch I wore this amazing green suit. This vintage suit is 20 + years old and was originally my mothers. She helped me style this fun look by the way.

The goal is to find the perfect shirt, show stopping heels and accessories that would not take away from the “Vintage Suit”.

My “Glitter Queen” is a perfect choice because of the semi-crop top length. These blush heels add a pop of color to the look while the black bag accents the black letters in the shirt and the stitching on the suit. 

Additional tips:

-You can substitute the heels for sneakers

– Instead of the purse you can add a fannypack or small book-bag 

-Add a red lip for a pop of color 

Top Casual Suit Picks

Enjoy creating fun and unique looks for the rest of the summer. Fashion is fun!! 

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#BeYou #BeBeautiful   #BeBlessed

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Fashion, Faith and Fun

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