#wearamask If you’re like me, I occasionally like to wear makeup under my mask. We all know when we take off these masks, makeup (including lipstick) is EVERYWHERE. One time I had the audacity to wear red lipstick under my mask. When I got back to my car, red lipstick was on my top lip, on my chin and everywhere else. So, when I do wear lipstick under my mask, I choose a neutral or slight pink lippie. Until I can find a color lipstick that is smudge- proof (if you know of anything, let me know please and thanks), Here are My 3 Go-To Lippies When Wearing a Mask

STAY GLOSSY x Rimmel London

STAY GLOSSY is a light pink lipgloss with a slight sparkle tint. This soft pink will look great on all skin tones and my lips don’t feel sticky when I apply it. I love this color because when I do take off my mask, its not all over the place!


MAUVE MOMENT and Choco-Liscious are my go-to lippies for a everyday look. I love mixing brands and shades. I have on a brownish tint from Revlon and Mary Kay mauve. I outline and slightly fill-in my lips with the Revlon Choco-Liscious and then I apply Mary Kay Mauve Moment to the middle of my lips. To make an ombre neutral look!


MINIMALIST is my favorite clear lip-gloss. It’s funny that most of my clear lip-glosses turn into light pinks or neutral colors because I use it as top coat gloss. It’s all good though! When I wear any kind of neutral lipstick this gloss gives it a POP even when wearing a mask.

These lippies are amazing and durable when wearing a mask. I wear these lippies on a day- to- day basis, which I love. Below are two QR Codes to purchase these lippies!

QR Codes

REVLON Choco-Liscious

STAY GLOSSY x Rimmel London

What are your go-to lippies during this time? Comment below!

#BeYou #BeBeautiful #BeBlessed

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