It’s Time to Take a Break!

We all need a break, especially when working from home, on our laptops, phones all day long. I’m taking a break with Bigelow Tea; it’s time to unwind with a cup of tea. Bigelow Tea wanted to make sure I tried everything from Green Tea to Ginger Snappish. Thank Bigelow Tea for the tea. Grab a cup of Bigelow Tea and unwind.

For me, I love taking breaks. Whether it’s to watch Netflix or Pure Flix, blogging, or fixing an amazing cup of tea. A warm cup of tea helps me to unwind for a little bit. It gives me the time to pause and be grateful; it’s very refreshing. I do this every day, and it helps me to regroup. Plus, no joke, I make a mean cup of cinnamon stick tea.

Bigelow Tea gift

First, I have to show you all what the gifted me! So, my friends at Bigelow gave me a Lavender Chamomile, Bigelow Benefits Calm Stomach, Rooibos Hibiscus, French Vanilla, Green Tea Mango, and Ginger Snappish. So far, I have tried over half of these teas. French Vanilla is the best with oat milk, cinnamon, and vanilla extract; as a dessert tea. The Lavender Chamomile is the perfect tea when you are about to go to bed, so relaxing and calming. Bigelow Benefits, Green Tea Mango, and Rooibos Hibiscus are amazing for in the morning. I can’t wait to try Ginger Snappish with lemon.

Bigelow Tea has amazing tea with a great assortment of dessert, green tea,

Oh, and while you are at it, take a look at Fabulous & the Future’s, aka my mom and I’s favorite teas as well!

You can also purchase Bigelow Teas from Target and Walmart!!

How do you unwind? Comment below!

Remember to take time for yourself and unwind with a cup of Bigelow Tea.

#BeYou #BeBlessed #BeBeautiful

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