Can you say elevated loungewear?! I am now a massive fan of loungewear. I have like six pairs of loungewear sets. My favorite sets are tie-dye, as you can tell. Oh and ombre, of course!

Elevated loungewear is versatile loungewear, and you can style than with heels, sneakers, a blazer, a trench, a puffer, or chic accessories. I wanted to style two loungewear sets because going-out looks so different now. But every chance I get, I want to look fashionable and comfy, even if it’s just going to Starbucks or the grocery store.

Here’s how I styled two loungewear sets: 

Target Ombré

I styled this ombre set with black booties, a tan hat, and gold hoops.

I paired this outfit with Converses and gold flower earrings for a casual look.

Green Tea Tie-Dye Joggers

I paired this tie-dye set with a black turtleneck, black coast, and Michael Kors sneakers, gold earrings, and black shades.

Loungewear is so versatile and chic! Every chance, you get dressed (even if it’s loungewear) and put on a little makeup. You will feel like a new person.

How do you style your loungewear sets? Comment below 

#BeBlessed #BeBeautiful #BeYou

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