Fun Facts:

  1. One Tree Hill was filmed here in Wilmington, NC 
  2. Wilmington is a major epicenter for the film industry 
  3. It’s home to the NC Battleship

Wilmington, NC, was terrific. My family and I took a mini-vacation. We were located near Historic Downtown Wilmington. Besides everything being within walking distance to coffee shops, shopping, restaurants, and attractions. A significant bonus, the natives were so friendly and helpful. We stayed in a waterfront location, so every morning, when we opened the curtains, I saw the beautiful water and gorgeous yachts. The view was epic!! 

Things to do

Clothing stores, restaurants, and attractions were about 5-10 minutes away from where we stayed. 

This boutique ‘Edet by Island Passage, was the cutest boutique I have ever been to in a long time. The garments were to live for. ‘Edet, a local boutique located in Historic Downtown Wilmington, has a fantastic selection of denim, dresses, tops, and accessories. They have such quality pieces; y’all know I had to purchase something (lol). 

I bought a gorgeous three-tier color-blocked dress.


This market was super cute. As soon as I walked in I noticed the Pelican’s Snoballs stand. Then it opens up to all these cute stores (market style).


Again, one major perk of being centrally located to shops and restaurants is that we didn’t have to move our car. We went to this (Chipotle style) Mexican spot called Islands Fresh Mex Grill

I had the chicken taco salad bowl with southwest chicken, rice, cheese, lettuce, olives, cucumbers, cilantro with jerk sauce and island sauce. The food was delicious, and the nachos were amazing!!

Wake N Bake Donuts serves gourmet donuts and fritters, organic coffees, tea, and apparel.

I ordered the Oreo Cheesecake and a caramel macchiato; mom had a Chocolate covered donut and an iced coffee with vanilla. THE best donut I have ever had. It tasted like a cake but in donut form. 

Port City Java


Located behind the shops was a boardwalk overlooking the water. We took a walk on the boardwalk around 7 pm when the sun was setting. It was wonderful. Toward the end of our trip, we realized we could have taken a boat ride on the water. We will do that next time!

Featured Outfits

Overall, 10/10! The foods was great and the people were amazing. I love the ability to explore and walk everywhere was so needed. Next time I want to go on the boat tour, visit more restaurants, and go to the beach.

Until the next adventure!

#BeYou #BeBeautiful #BeBlessed

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