Shades of Pink 💗

Hey bloggers, It’s that time of year again, prom season!!! I remember like it was yesterday… getting ready for prom. Makeup, shoes, accessories and more.  If you have a daughter, granddaughter, or niece, make sure they enjoy this time. As my mom would say, “Go all out because the next big event will be your […]

Red Faviana Dresses ❤️

Hey bloggers,  Faviana has amazing Prom Dresses! They have amazing styles, colors, and different lengths and sizes. I want to share with you some of my favorite Faviana’s Red Prom Dresses for 2017.  Let’s get started, feel free to checkout their website 👉🏽 Faviana!  Faviana 7970 Long taffeta dress with one-shoulder sequined lace bodice Faviana 7971 Long sequined […]

Stylish Sunday 

The red-head did it again.. Comfortable and Cute;  plus ponchos and turtlenecks are in!!!!!     -xoxo your stylish friend Vest Poncho: Forever 21  Turtleneck: JC Penny  Pencil skirt: Target  Earrings: Chicos  I love this timeless and classy look ❤️ #BeYou #BeBeautiful #BeBlessed  

Natural Bun Hairstyle

This style is super easy and gorgeous… I always like to show you guys the finish product. Here are a few things you will need… Ecos Hair Gel – Sally Beauty or Target Bobby Pins (A good amount) Rubber Bands Comb Janet Noir Afro Kinky Color 350 (Depends of what color you want and have) -Beauty […]

Classy Black Girl with Red Hair 

First lets talk about the outfit!!!! I have on a top from Banana Republic which is high low, Skirt from Target (Every girl needs a pencil skirt), Shoes Nine West, Earrings Kate Spade and Necklace Chicos.          Next, hair… Yes my hair is red and love it! People think we have to stick with the Browns, Blondes, and Blacks. No we don’t!!! […]