Summer Snacking made Healthy 💪🏽

Hey bloggers,  Are you tempted by fast food, candy, chips, ice cream runs and overall unhealthy snacking? Have no fear; I am here to show you great healthy alternatives for summer 2017 snacking. Quick, simple and delicious! There is no need to put on unwanted pounds over the summer. Put down the potato chips and […]

Selfies featuring Natural Hair 

Hey natural hair bloggers, my hair has grown so much and I love the color. I use Shea Moisture and grease. To get my curls like this to the two strand twist which is really easy. Some other ideas are, bantu knots, using perm rods, twist out, and many more. Enjoy the look!!!         #BeYou […]

Panera Bread you guys!!!! 

Instead of going to McDonalds or Wendy’s check out Panera Bread. I had an amazing salad today it blow my mind lol. Normally I would want something totally unhealthy but I knew there were better choices.  Mediterranean Chicken & Quiona Salad Bright Mediterranean Flavor with a boost from organic quiona, kale, romaine, kalamata olives, tomato sofrito, […]

Eating Better makes you Feel Better

 This week I know I haven’t ate the best or workout like I usually do but I am definitely going to get back to it and go on a detox. This is a fantastic book, you can purchase this book Barnes and Noble. I’m getting better day by day. #BeBlessed